Thanks for a great year, farewell 2014!

Let me think about what happened in 2014....

In January and February I witnessed some incredibly powerful storms in Lahinch (West of Ireland) which were both beautiful and destructive, obliterating everything in their path.

In March I travelled over to Bali to join great friends and had some adventures.

April - August: I worked a 2nd season in Irish tourism, having the craic driving tourists around our beautiful island. I was working with a wonderful team and company so thank you Vagabond I'm excited about working another season with you.

August- October: I jumped at the chance to travel back to my second home, Indonesia. For over a month I cruised around the Mentawai Islands, hunting down waves and scoring some great sessions with great people. Thank you Dave, Deigo, Trav and the Mentawai Crew for having me.


Late October I flew back to Ireland to join all my lovely relations in celebrating my older sisters marriage to a great guy. Congratulations Roisin and Martin. 


Between then and now, sadly, I lost a good friend.  I also settled into a new place in Galway and enjoyed time with family and friends, not to mention having an open letter on my blog reach thousands of people!

This morning I woke up feeling bad about myself, that nasty little voice in my head was telling me that I was wasting my life!  But as I sat down and wrote this blog, I realised that I should be proud of myself and thankful for all of the above. I also want to thank my family and friends for looking out for me, without you I would have a very empty life.

I am excited to share, with you, my future photos. On this last day of 2014 I broke the piggy-bank and made the purchase of a very expensive camera so I hope this new shiny tool will help me share the way I see the world, in a crisper, clearer and more colourful way.

Love to you all and look out for each other.

R.I.P Charlie xx