WOW! Thank you for the response

I am blown away by how the piece I wrote has spread through so many people so quickly on social media. It seems to be having a resonance with lots of people.  You are posting up such nice comments and sending me lovely personal messages so I would like to thank all of you again and let you know that it means a lot to me. 

Maybe I should spend more time lounging about on hammocks if this is the end result! 

I don't know if I am putting dots and commas in the right places anymore because when I had finished my article I sat down with the very kind and lovely Aoifa Dunne who corrected my dyslexic punctuation chaos and made it to read the way I had always intended.  My good friend Kieran Joyce was the one convinced me that I should put it on social media because he felt that people needed to read it,  I'm sure he tweeted it more than once too! So with out those two people I probably never would've posted it, thanks guys. Also my family told me it was great but families lie all the time so I wasn't convinced.

I am getting a new camera so new photos will be up soon I hope.


This photo was taken November last year while I was hiking in the Himalaya range with my father. Every day was a visual treat. That evening the clouds flowed into the valley as though they were the tide pouring into an empty rock-pool. These clouds were about 3000m above any rock-pool on earth.