Thanks for a great year, farewell 2014!

Let me think about what happened in 2014....

In January and February I witnessed some incredibly powerful storms in Lahinch (West of Ireland) which were both beautiful and destructive, obliterating everything in their path.

In March I travelled over to Bali to join great friends and had some adventures.

April - August: I worked a 2nd season in Irish tourism, having the craic driving tourists around our beautiful island. I was working with a wonderful team and company so thank you Vagabond I'm excited about working another season with you.

August- October: I jumped at the chance to travel back to my second home, Indonesia. For over a month I cruised around the Mentawai Islands, hunting down waves and scoring some great sessions with great people. Thank you Dave, Deigo, Trav and the Mentawai Crew for having me.


Late October I flew back to Ireland to join all my lovely relations in celebrating my older sisters marriage to a great guy. Congratulations Roisin and Martin. 


Between then and now, sadly, I lost a good friend.  I also settled into a new place in Galway and enjoyed time with family and friends, not to mention having an open letter on my blog reach thousands of people!

This morning I woke up feeling bad about myself, that nasty little voice in my head was telling me that I was wasting my life!  But as I sat down and wrote this blog, I realised that I should be proud of myself and thankful for all of the above. I also want to thank my family and friends for looking out for me, without you I would have a very empty life.

I am excited to share, with you, my future photos. On this last day of 2014 I broke the piggy-bank and made the purchase of a very expensive camera so I hope this new shiny tool will help me share the way I see the world, in a crisper, clearer and more colourful way.

Love to you all and look out for each other.

R.I.P Charlie xx


Happy Christmas

The past week has been a torrenting river of emotions. That little letter, which I wrote thinking no one would read, has been read by thousands. It left me feeling excited, anxious, nervous, happy, sad and I'm sure a few more emotions that they have yet to name. I wasn't expecting to receive so many lovely emails and messages from friends, family and people I’ve never even met. So, once again, I thank you.


This illness, which left me feeling so helplessly alone before, ironically, has connected me with strangers across the world.


Happy Christmas 


To the whole world you might be just one person, but to one person you might just be the world
— Pablo Casals



Happy Christmas

WOW! Thank you for the response

I am blown away by how the piece I wrote has spread through so many people so quickly on social media. It seems to be having a resonance with lots of people.  You are posting up such nice comments and sending me lovely personal messages so I would like to thank all of you again and let you know that it means a lot to me. 

Maybe I should spend more time lounging about on hammocks if this is the end result! 

I don't know if I am putting dots and commas in the right places anymore because when I had finished my article I sat down with the very kind and lovely Aoifa Dunne who corrected my dyslexic punctuation chaos and made it to read the way I had always intended.  My good friend Kieran Joyce was the one convinced me that I should put it on social media because he felt that people needed to read it,  I'm sure he tweeted it more than once too! So with out those two people I probably never would've posted it, thanks guys. Also my family told me it was great but families lie all the time so I wasn't convinced.

I am getting a new camera so new photos will be up soon I hope.


This photo was taken November last year while I was hiking in the Himalaya range with my father. Every day was a visual treat. That evening the clouds flowed into the valley as though they were the tide pouring into an empty rock-pool. These clouds were about 3000m above any rock-pool on earth.