Sean Nee is a Photographer and Videographer who is passionate about sharing his interpretation of the world around him through his photographs and videos.

If I only scrape a living .... at least its a living worth scraping
— Mickey Smith - Dark Side Of The Lens

As all of the above does not pay the bills ( yet),  I work with the Irish based tour operator, Vagabond tours. I deliver the tours as a driver and guide, multi-talented! This seasonal job is great as while I am working, aside from having a blast with the tourists, it brings me to some of the most beautiful places in the country and then in the off season I have lots of time to travel and be creative.

More recently I have decided to be an active speaker and writer about the stigma and misunderstanding of mental illness and although this is a very recent pastime, It has been such a positive one. For years I have struggled with an Anxiety disorder and bouts of depression so I have quite the resumé for the job.




photo: http://jimages.co.nz

photo: http://jimages.co.nz